Countertop Costs – Choosing the Right Material

Countertop materials and styles can dramatically change the appearance of a room. For homeowners planning to sell their home, choosing a countertop that appeals to buyers will make a huge difference in the value of the home. Countertops are relatively easy to install, but they must be properly sealed and maintained in order to maintain their new look. The average price for refinishing counter tops is between $ 300 and $ 500, with most homeowners opting for the more expensive epoxy coatings on 60 square feet of solid quartz counter tops. Countertop stains are much more difficult to remove, so it is important to choose a stain type that is easy to remove and replace when necessary.

A custom countertop can be designed and installed as per customer specifications. If a customer wants a particular material or style, they should let the Los Angeles kitchen countertop experts know. Materials like granite and soapstone can require a specific thickness, moisture content, and amount of shine, so that the countertop can maintain its durability. For larger countertop areas, there are options for adding extra reinforcements in key areas like the corners for extra strength. These extra reinforcements are only half the price of hiring the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles .

There are many different types of countertop materials on the market, but one of the most popular is solid wood. Countertop materials such as hardwoods are relatively low in maintenance and provide a beautiful look. When choosing a countertop, the customer should choose a countertop with at least six grain wood grains, which will help the wood last longer. Laminate countertop costs less than solid wood countertop, but laminate is susceptible to scratches, so it may not be the best choice for families with children and pets.

Some countertop materials, like granite, are extremely durable, but the real reason to have granite or other natural stone countertop is because of the visual appeal. Granite looks like stone but is actually made up of tiny little crystals that catch the light when the stone is under scrutiny. This makes granite or other natural stone countertop very easy to clean and repair scratches and other damage. With this in mind, homeowners may think that a scratched slab of granite or other natural stone countertop will cost significantly more to repair than a scratch or dent that appears on a porcelain or vinyl countertop. This is not always the case, and some of the least expensive repair options may be more attractive to the homeowner than traditional repairs for a scratched surface.

Homeowners who need custom countertops often turn to quartzite counters. Quartzite counters are extremely durable and are resistant to scratching and denting. As with granite or other natural stone countertops, the price of a quartz countertop will vary depending on the design and type of design desired. Some custom quartzite countertop may not be worth the extra money homeowners spend on them, while others may cost several hundred dollars.

The best option for homeowners who want custom-made countertop or an attractive appearance but do not need to spend the extra money is a durable synthetic material like stainless steel. In many cases, stainless steel countertop is the most affordable choice for busy people who have little time to maintain their countertop. When looking for the right finish, the home owner should look at several different types of polish, stains, and other treatments. Each type of finish is designed to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. The best option will be one that looks good, feels nice, and requires no additional maintenance.